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Chinese massage with special oil

Healing relax massage with special Chinese herbal oil

  • 1 hour ——- 50€
  • 45 min —— 40€
  • 30 min —— 30€

Chinese Sport Massage

All muscles are completely detached

  • 1 hour —— 50€
  • 30 min —— 30€

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage opens the energy flows in the body and balances the most important muscle groups. It increases the flexibility and flexibility of the body.

This massage gives you treatment of feet, legs, back, shoulder, neck and head. The massage removes the tension and fatigue and promotes blood circulation.

  • 1 hour ——- 50€

Chinese relax massage

Footpad reflexology stimulates all organs

  • 1 hour ——– 60€

Foot Massage

Foot reflexology including a 10-minute hot foot bath with Chinese Herbs

  • 1 hour ——– 50€

Head and Neck Massage

The entire body is treated by massage of acupuncture points on the neck, skull and face. The treatment is focused on stress, migraine, neck complaints, motor complaints, eye-nose and ear problems

  • 30 min ——— 30€